The Canton Cultural Center Legacy

For 50 years, the CCC has served as the heart of the arts in Stark County providing education, inspiration, and entertainment to generations.

"The Arts take off the limits..."

-Chester Wilson

A lifetime of memories at the CCC is relived! From Opening Day in 1970, a variety of arts opportunities, and how arts has shaped his life today, Chester Wilson recounts his experiences!


The Beginning of Canton's Gem

Before the Grand Opening in 1970, the Canton Cultural Center broke ground in November of 1968 on the land that once was home to the Harter Estate (aka the Aultman Mansion.) The plans for a $10 million dollar complex to serve as the center of the arts in Stark County was funded by a gift from the Timken Foundation. In the background of this photo stands the Canton Memorial Auditorium (Civic Center) built in 1951.


Our Exquisite Equine

The iconic Pegasus statue that stands in the Great Court was created by Canton Native, Henry Mitchell. While the first glimpse of Pegasus was an simple 11 inch wax statue model, the finished piece is an incredible 20 ft. tall bronze sculpture crafted in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

"How dull our lives our lives would be without art..."

- Barbara Bond

From special performances, community education, and student scholarships, The MacDowell Music Club of Canton celebrates 112 years of promoting music and 50 years of calling the Canton Cultural Center home.  President Barbara Bond shares some of the club’s highlights and tells the origin story of the Cable Recital Hall.

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